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5 Shocking Ways to Prevent Septic System Failures

Large underground containers, called septic tanks, steadily fill with domestic wastewater over several months. When a septic tank is fully stocked with water, wastewater filters into the earth, where it is naturally cleansed and returned to the groundwater supply. 

In contrast to sewers, septic tanks need particular maintenance. Several factors that don’t affect sewers may significantly impact Septic tanks. This information may aid you in preventing a blockage or significant septic tank damage if you are unfamiliar with owning a septic tank and are accustomed to having a sewer. What you should know is provided below. 


Failures of the septic tank system might show some obvious symptoms. You could notice, for instance, backed-up wastewater in the home, smelly odors, and slow-draining drains and toilets. Additionally, be aware of the danger when you see a little patch of green grass in the drain field. 


To make sure that your system functions effectively, maintenance is required. Plan yearly inspections with a professional who can advise you of the amount of effluent and scum and the depth of the sludge layers in the septic tank. This check will help you determine how often you need to pump. You risk having sewage leak into the groundwater if you don’t pump your tank regularly. 


Understanding that all home waste is disposed of in the septic tank system is crucial. A surplus of water can potentially upset the natural order and impair the effectiveness of helpful microbes. Additionally, it could overwork the system, causing it to overflow. Due to this, utilizing water wisely may lower the amount of water that enters septic systems. Strong actions may be taken, including utilizing flush-free toilets, fixing leaky faucets, or employing high-efficiency shower heads that consume less water. 


Your septic tank’s operation is directly impacted by what you flush down the drain. Therefore, refrain from using toilets as trash containers. Never flush anything else down the toilet besides toilet paper and human excrement. In general, there is a long list of things that people flush down the toilet, including the following: 

  • Cooking Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Pesticides
  • Paint or paint thinners
  • Photographic solutions 


The septic tank must run properly for your drain field to do so. In the vicinity of the septic tank, you shouldn’t grow any plants or trees. Doing this may stop plants or their roots from developing within the tank and rubbing against the inside components. Parking vehicles over the drain field is likewise not recommended. 

Additionally, the drain field area should be maintained clear of or directed away from the roof drains, sump pumps, and other rainwater drainage systems. They produce too much water, which hinders or delays the process of treating the wastewater. 


Here is a list of septic system repair in Breslau

  • A&R Septic Service 
  • First Well & Septic 
  • Weber Service Septic 
  • the Scoles Septic Service 


Conduct regular checks to make sure your septic tank system is operating correctly. Additionally, it aids in identifying issues before it’s too late. Schedules for septic tank maintenance must be adhered to religiously. Septic systems can be maintained using biological methods like septic tank cleaners rather than mechanical maintenance, which is expensive.