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5 most common items sent through courier service

Couriers are like helpful messengers that simplify sending things to people in faraway places. Whether it’s everyday items or essential stuff, these services play a significant role in connecting us. Here are the five most common things people send through couriers according to private courier service benefits. They help make it easy for everyone to understand.

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1. Documents and Papers

Couriers are like guardians of essential papers and documents. These could be super important papers, like legal documents or secret information. Imagine you need to send a crucial letter to someone far away – that’s where couriers step in. They ensure these papers are safe and sound where they need to go. It’s not just big companies; regular folks also count on couriers to ensure their essential papers reach the right place at the right time.

2. Small Boxes

Let’s talk about those not-so-big boxes that people send through couriers. These boxes aren’t heavy; they can weigh up to 5 kg (11 lbs). People use these for shipping all sorts of things – maybe a special gift for a friend or some samples from a small business. These boxes make it easy to send these little packages. Couriers make sure these boxes travel safely to different corners of the world. So, whether it’s a small business trying to share its creations or a person sending love in a box, couriers are there to make it happen.

3. Packages

Sending packages through courier services is quite common. These packages can be big or small, heavy or light – depending on what’s inside. People choose courier services for packages when they want things to arrive quickly or need extra care. It’s like choosing a faster and safer route for your stuff. Couriers make sure these packages get the attention they need during their journey.

4. Freight

If you’re thinking about big or heavy things, like furniture or machinery, freight shipping steps in; freight shipping involves using special vehicles and equipment to move large items. It’s like having a giant transporter for your goods. The things you need to send can be too big for regular courier services.  Freight shipping can help in handling the heavy lifting.

5. International Shipments

Sometimes, the things we want to send aren’t just going down the street; they’re going to different countries. That’s where international shipments come in. Courier services help a lot in making it possible to send items globally. You can choose to get the express delivery if it’s urgent. They also offer the standard delivery if you’re not in a hurry. 


In Canada, courier services offer different ways to ship things. You can go with ground shipping, express shipping, or even get your stuff delivered overnight. They don’t just stop there; they also let you track your packages and add extra features. These can be things like insurance and delivery confirmation. When picking a courier service, look at the size and weight of your items. You should also see your budget and how quickly you need them to arrive. Choosing the suitable courier is like ensuring your stuff gets the VIP treatment on its journey.