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Do You Need Marriage Counselling? Here’s How To Find Out

Is your compatible marriage slowly losing its spark due to arguments and misunderstandings? If so, consider opting for marriage counselling to resolve these issues.

With cooperation and patience, it is possible to regain the lost connection through marriage counselling. Briefly speaking, it is a type of psychotherapy that helps estranged couples identify the problems in their marriage and resolve them for a better relationship. It also helps in making mutual decisions about mending your relationship or going for a divorce.

Marriage Counselling

However, both parties in the marriage should participate in rectifying constant conflicts; otherwise, the therapy may not work. It is also important to note that the longer resentful feelings are left unresolved, the more challenging it becomes to mend the relationship. 

Signs You Need Marriage Counselling

Here’s a list of sure signs that you need the help of a couples counsellor to fix the relationship with your spouse:

1. You’re Growing Apart

The reluctance to share your feelings, ideas or discomfort is one of the major setbacks of a healthy marriage. 

Over time, couples can become indifferent toward each other and barely hold meaningful conversations. In this case, the couple acts as roommates instead of married partners. If your marriage lacks communication, you should see a marriage counsellor to increase mutual interaction.

2. You’re Arguing Over Trivial Matters

It is common for every healthy relationship to encounter arguments or verbal conflict. However, if hurtful and trivial arguments become a daily routine, it’s time to re-evaluate your marriage and seek help. And since regular conflicts can often lead to emotional abuse, it is best to act fast to minimize miscommunication. 

3. Unfaithfulness Or Infidelity In Marriage

Extra-marital affairs or infidelity can have a severely negative influence on an existing marriage. Since there has been a breach of trust, it is very difficult to patch things up without professional help. If you’re sincere about mending the relationship, marriage counselling can help regain mutual respect and understanding.

4. Lack Of Financial Transparency

Hiding or lying about financial information can cause deep distress in a marriage. Any dishonesty regarding transactions from joint accounts, credit cards or mutual mortgages can lead to heated arguments or even violence. In this case, a marriage counsellor can help encourage financial maturity and transparency.

5. Your Marriage Lacks Intimacy

A gradual decrease in physical intimacy over the years is completely normal in a long-term marriage. However, if there’s a consistent reluctance to initiate physical intimacy, you should consider marriage counselling to help regain mutual attraction. 

Final Words

If you can tick off some of these signs of a declining marriage, you must decide whether you wish to mend it or go for a peaceful separation. However, mending a marriage is not a piece of cake, especially without experienced help. 

So, contact a reliable counsellor today to guide you and your partner on the road to a healthy and satisfying marriage.