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How much do family lawyers cost in Toronto?

Many people often find it scary to talk to a lawyer at first. The cost is a big issue for most people, especially since legal fees are not something one prepares for. It is tough to accurately determine the actual cost of a family lawyer in Toronto. That is because every lawyer’s fees are different, and several factors, such as location and experience level, determine their costs. This article discusses the estimated cost of a family lawyer in Toronto and the factors influencing lawyer fees.

family lawyers cost in Toronto

One major influence on the cost is the nature of the case itself. Family lawyers deal with many branches of family law, such as divorce, separation,¬† child support, spousal support, parenting, prenuptial, cohabitation agreement, relocation, etc. Some may focus on just divorce, but other law firms like AP Family & Divorce Lawyers Toronto specialize in all of them, and the cost varies. Lawyers often charge an hourly fee between $300 and $1500. But the average hourly fee for an experienced lawyer is $600. Some lawyers offer discounts, depending on the client’s annual income and assets.

How much does it cost to get a divorce in Toronto?

The average cost of divorce in Toronto is between $1900 and $250000. As mentioned, many factors come into play. The length of the case is one of them. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested is also a huge determinant of the legal fees. Remember that the lawyer charges per hour. The longer it takes to finalize and settle the case, the higher the fees.

If the divorce is uncontested, it means both parties agree, and both parties can sign the divorce papers without lengthy court proceedings. The legal fees, in this case, can range from $1900 to $13000, depending on the lawyer’s rate per hour. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for an uncontested divorce. This rate covers court filing fees, court forms, federal government clearance for the divorce, and other court fees. Since the divorce is straightforward and predictable, it may be easy for the lawyer to set a fixed rate.

However, a contested divorce is very different, with the many variables that could arise during the process. In a contested divorce, one party or both disagrees with issues in the divorce and wishes it to be resolved before signing the papers. A contested divorce takes much more time to finalize. There can be several issues being contested by one or more of the parties involved. Generally, lawyers can not determine the actual cost of a contested divorce before it is over. In most cases, the fees can run into hundreds of thousands.

  • Other fees 

The lawyer’s hourly fee is not the only cost you may incur. There will be other costs during the case, and an example of these are: 

  • faxing
  • Photocopies 
  • Courier fees
  • Court server fees
  • You will have to pay if you need to have something specially investigated. 

However, your legal fees are tax deductible if your case is about seeking spousal or child support. 


Family lawyers understand that their clients are not business corporations. They know it can be tough to meet up with legal costs. Hence, good family lawyers work hard to resolve issues ASAP to keep the costs low.