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7 Steps To Take When You’ve Been Falsely Charged With A Criminal Offence

Be it theft, robbery or fraudulent practices– being falsely accused of a crime isn’t only nerve-racking but could also destroy your future. 

Somewhere you’re stuck midway on whether you’ll be declared innocent or put behind bars– isn’t it? If the latter happens, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum, lose your job and spend a few years in the lockup. 

After an FIR has been filed against your name, police officers may take you into custody. Before that happens, there are certain things you will have to do to resolve the situation.. 

This guide will walk you through seven steps to follow to clear your name when falsely charged with a criminal offence.

Criminal Offence

7 Steps To Take When You’ve Been Falsely Charged With A Criminal Offence

1. Hire A Criminal Attorney

One mistake innocent defendants commit is not hiring a defence law firm until it gets too late. Often, they believe that hiring a criminal attorney will prove them guilty, which isn’t true. 

So, the first thing you must do when falsely accused of a crime is to hire an experienced defence lawyer to safeguard your rights. 

2. Proclaim Your Right To Remain Silent

No matter how much you wish to declare yourself innocent, it’s wise to remain silent. In simple words, do not try to tell anyone your side of the story because you may look like an accused trying to defend themselves. Assert your right to remain silent and refrain from giving any statement to the police. 

3. Refuse Voluntary Searches And Testing

Refusing police officers to search your home or collect DNA samples for testing is an important thing any falsely accused person needs to do. That’s because you never know what officers may find and use against you. 

4. Gather Evidence

One way to prove your innocence is to gather documents that can be used as evidence in a court of law. Arrange them in one place and share them with your attorney. They will submit them to the officers and prove you’re innocent when needed. 

5. Refuse To Talk To Witnesses Or The Victim 

No matter how much people pressurize you, talking to the victim or witnesses won’t help you in any way. In fact, getting in touch with them can further complicate your case. 

6. Allow Your Attorney To Conduct A Thorough Investigation

After gathering documents, hand them out to your attorney along with the details of the witnesses. They will conduct a thorough investigation by interviewing witnesses and examining evidence. This will allow them to figure out the weak points of the prosecutor’s case and prove you innocent. 

7. Plea Bargain

Often, entering into a plea agreement with the prosecutor is considered the best decision an accused can take to save themselves from getting convicted. Though unjust, it can save you from getting behind bars and having a permanent criminal record. 

Wrapping It Up

False accusations of robbery, theft or other criminal offence are no joke; instead, you can land up in jail if prompt action isn’t taken. When it comes to legal matters, hiring an experienced attorney is the only way to prove yourself innocent. 

So, hire a defence law firm today to protect yourself from criminal charges you’ve been falsely accused of!