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How to Take Care of Your Braces?

Braces can be an exciting part of orthodontic treatment but require special maintenance. From preventing irritation when eating foods with tough textures, to routine cleaning and proper brushing techniques, there are some important steps to ensure that your braces stay looking great and working correctly.

With careful attention, following these simple guidelines should help ensure that your braces stay strong and attractive:


Keeping Your Teeth Clean

Cleaning your teeth daily is the first step in taking care of your braces. It is important to not only brush with a regular toothbrush, but also use special dental tools such as interdental brushes or rubber bristles to clean around wires and brackets.

It is also helpful to rinse with a mouthwash regularly and floss daily once the wires have been installed. Lastly, be sure not to forget about regular visits from your orthodontic team for professional cleanings at least every six weeks!

Eating Habits

When it comes time to eat after getting fitted for braces, you must pay close attention while chewing food so as not to damage them or cause additional discomfort.

Ideally, choose softer foods such as fruits or veggies so that they don’t put too much pressure on your brackets or wires causing them to break off quicker than necessary.

Avoid crunchy snacks like popcorn or chips, which can wear down the strength of the metal components connected over time.

Proper Care Techniques

Now that you know what types of food you should avoid when wearing braces its time look into other ways you can keep them looking good and functioning properly over time:

  1. Keep wax handy so if you feel any painful areas forming due to hard bracket edges apply some wax for relief
  2. Make sure all pieces are secure before eating by checking wires if they appear loose 
  3. Remember not to use toothpicks when cleaning away particles as this could cause breaks in wires/brackets
  4. Visit your dentist regularly so he/she can check on how everything looks and make any adjustments needed
  5. Brush twice daily & floss around wires
  6. Use a fluoride based mouthwash regularly


Taking care of your braces shouldn’t be complicated—follow the guidelines above and soon enough you’ll have perfectly straight teeth without worrying about damaging or breaking them! 

Be conscious about their placement when eating certain foods and always remember the importance of maintaining oral hygiene routines even during orthodontic treatments as careless can lead to sinus pressure or a toothache