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Disposable Vape Systems 101: All You Need to Know!

Over the last few years, disposable vapes have gained popularity among youngsters.

But while vaping is better than smoking, both for the person and everyone surrounding them, it is difficult to figure out what’s the safest way to vape, especially for beginners. For instance, full-sized vape mods are not recommended for beginners. 

Instead, we suggest going for disposable vapes, which are much easier to use and compact enough to carry around. Not to forget, they have a shorter lifespan, making them less of a commitment, which is ideal for new users. And if purchased from a reputed retailer, disposable vape systems in Canada are fairly safe.

Disposable Vape

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are shaped like pens and work like regular vape kits. They are just as easy (if not more) to use and hence, gaining popularity among newbies and old vape users alike. 

Much like standard vape kits, disposable e-cigs are equipped with a coil, a tank, and a battery. The tank contains the coil and the vape juice or e-liquid. And as some of you may already know, the battery is what powers the vape system. It sends a current to heat the coil, thereby creating vapours ready to be inhaled.

The main difference between disposable and regular vapes is that the former does not require any setup before use. As such, disposable vapes are ready to use; you don’t need to charge them or fill the tank. Now, this factor can either be an advantage as it makes the vape more convenient but can also be a drawback for those who prefer a rechargeable/refillable system.

Hence, a disposable vape system stays true to its name – “disposable.” Once it runs out of liquid content, the vape kit should be disposed of responsibly. 

How To Use A Disposable Vape System?

Since disposable vapes are sold in a ready-to-use condition, all you have to do is bring the device to your lips and smoke up! 

Doing so will activate the device, but you must start puffing at moderate strength. Inhaling with too much pressure might make the coil too warm, resulting in a bitter aftertaste. On the other hand, blowing the device too lightly may not activate it at all.

Notably, standard vape devices are operated with a button, and the complexity of using them differs with each kit. Thus, in comparison, disposable vape systems are more convenient to use. They even turn off automatically after a period of inactivity. 

Final Words

Considering how 400 puffs are equivalent to 20 cigarettes, disposable vapes are ideal for smokers wanting to quit or reduce their nicotine dependency. Being a smoking cessation tool, switching to disposable vape systems will either result in an “upgrade” to other vaping kits or eventually lead you to a completely nicotine-free lifestyle.

So, make your pick from among Canada’s best e-cigarette and online vape shops, and take your first step to a healthier life!